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Samples are
"Bow1-2" and "1-3".
Samples of 3D bows
How to make 3D bows.
3D bow1-1 Black & White
Let's make your favorite 3D bows !
3D bow1-2
3D bow1-2
3D bow1-3
3D bow1-3
If you print Wrapping Paper and 3D bow1-1 on the same paper.
You are able to make some interesting bows.
This is a sample photo of Wrapping Paper and 3D bow1-1
Samples are
"Wrapping Paper strawberry(small) and bear1(small)"
This is a sample photo of hair decoration
Hair decoration

Materials Directions
  1. Printe out this page.
  2. Press these hold lines and cut around the bow shape.
  3. To make a holder, cross slitA and slitB togather at the front.
  4. Hold these hold lines.
  5. Hold a prop at the back side.
  6. Cross slitC and slitD togather at the back side.
  7. Roll ribbon at the center of the bow.
  8. Put the end of bow into the holder (slitA and slitB).
  9. Completion

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