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2019  CRAFT Lesson Open !  But, I'm sorry.  This is Japanese only. here
  •  Piggy Bank 1
  • Craft
  • Let's make a Piggy Bank.
  • bear1
  • Coloring
  • There are "Bear1", "Heart" and "Leaves".
  • "Berry story1" added.
  • a sample of memory game
  • Game
  • Let's play The Memory Game !
  • hinamaturi2
  • Gift
  • Wrapping Paper "Hinamaturi2"
  • pan flute1
  • Musical Instrument
  • These are pan flutes which were made from some reeds.
  • It will try making from plants.
  • CRAFT Lesson open! NEW!
  • CRAFT Lesson for adult open in Japan!
  • I'm sorry.  This is Japanese only.
  • mail1
  • Mail
  • Did you enjoy kids-idea ?
  • Please give us your impressions of this site.
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