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flute2(made of a plastic pipe, a jointless bamboo or a jointless reed)

picture of how to make a flute2

Materials Directions
  1. Cut a plastic pipe in 10-12cm long.
  2. Use a saw or a craft knife, make a short slit in a middle of a pipe.
  3. Use a sheet of plastic, make a joint with scissors and put it in the slit, like a picture4.
  4. To make a hole, cut out a part of the pipe at a back of the joint, like a picture6.
  5. Blow the pipe from the top. If you hear the good sounds, a flute is completion !
  6. When you hear the bad sounds, you make a joint again, like a picture4.
  7. To hear the good sounds, blow the pipe and make a joint more carefully again.
  8. You can hear the good sounds, a flute is completion !

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