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[Caution] Please use Kids Idea official web site/online shop

Illustrations of computers and shops, etc. ©︎2024 kids-idea.com
Illustrations of computers and shops, etc. ©︎2024 kids-idea.com

Thank you for visiting Kids Idea website.

We found a website which shows links to Kids Idea.com (here in after, we/our/us) products and our e-mail address.
There are no sites to which we have permitted listing a link to our web site or selling our products.
We have no relation with such sites.

When you visit a site which shows a link to our site, or a shopping site other than our official online shop, there is a risk that your ID, password, personal information, and credit card information may be used illegally, or that the product will not be correctly delivered.

When you buy our products, please access our official web site and official online shop.

We will continue to find this kind of obnoxious sites and report issues.

Kids Idea’s products are available only on the following sites:

1. Official online shop: Shopify

2. Kids Idea official web site Item page (buy via shopping cart)

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