How to make a basic paper frame. (Kid’s Idea original, 21.0×29.7cm)

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Kid’s Idea recommends that home creators use a clear pocket file in order to organize creative works.
Organize creative works neatly: how to keep cut paper crafts

The sample frame fits A4 size clear pocket.
A4 paper size (29.7x21cm) is commonly used in Japan.
It is almost the same as the letter size. (21.6×27.9cm / 8.5×11”).

About printing papers

What you need:
One cardboard paper (A3(29.7x42cm) or Japanese B4 (25.7×36.4cm), A pocket file for A4 (29.7x21cm) or letter size.
Scissors, ruler, utility knife, paper sheet, pen, and double-sided tape.


  1. Decide which surface you want to use for the front side*.
  2. On the back side of the paper, draw lines to make a window.
  3. The size of the window is smaller than the frame, about 27.7x19cm. You can choose your favorite width of the frame.
  4. Use a utility knife and ruler to cut out the window part.
  5. Attach a clear pocket to the back side of the frame with double-faced tape. For easy handling, the tape is attached to only one side of the window.

*Paper may warp due to moisture. Considering this characteristic, decide the front side of the frame so that it stays straight after hanging it on the wall.

This basic frame is the foundation of your original decoration. For example, your favorite drawings, seasonal motives, origami, cut paper crafts, collages, etc.
Please enjoy creating unique and artistic frames.

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