Points to consider when making handmade jigsaw puzzles

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The charm of making jigsaw puzzles by yourself is that

・ You can choose a picture/pattern.
・ You can choose the size, number, and shape of the pieces to be cut.
・ You can further cut one puzzle and change the difficulty.
You can create a one-of-a-kind puzzle.

and so on.
When making it, please refer to Points to consider.

(Points to consider)
・Discuss with your child
Discuss with your child what kind of picture to use and what shape to cut it into. Your child will be happy to make the things and ways they choose.

・How to choose a picture
Colors and patterns can be a clue when playing, so it is better to have a picture drawn on the entire surface.
When you ask your child to draw a picture, instruct them to fill the paper.
If there is a blank space of the same color, you can solve it by devising the size and shape when cutting.

・Points to cut – start from an easy level
[Easy size and number of pieces]
First, make the number of pieces small.
Since it is handmade, you can adjust the size and number while watching the level of your child.

・Make easy-to-recognize shapes
It will be easier to solve a puzzle if you cut along the outline of the object in the picture. (You can imagine a map divided by regions.)
When you cut a picture with a lot of blank spaces, cut pieces with curves.
If you cut it into the same shape and size, the difficulty will increase.

・Watching the level of your child and ask their opinion
Watch your child playing with puzzles and listen to his or her opinion.
If you get good advice from your child and improve the puzzle, you will have only one puzzle and memory in the world that your child loves.

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