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Paper cut out : Fish motifs (15 species / Small size, A4 size 1 sheet, Background 1 sheet, full color) From “Fish in the Seas near Japan Vol. 1”

Fish motifs for coloring, paper cut out and a fishing game.
You can also make it in the sea like an aquarium.
We selected fishes seen in the sea around Japan.
The first series consists of 15 kinds of fishes.
A scientific name is listed with each fish along with the place it lives.
Fishes are sorted to 3 types according to where they live.
A, Fishes living near the surface of the sea(5 types)
B, Fishes living near the beach (5 types)
C, Fishes living in the bottom of the sea, in sand or mud (5 types)

Fishes are interesting, aren’t they?
Fishes for eating are sliced. So, we don’t know their original shapes.
Therefore, when we go to the aquarium, we are sometimes surprised.
If you look them up in illustrated books in detail, you will see reasons for their food and places they live.
In addition, fish names are sometimes changed according to their size or places where they were caught even if they are the same fish.
For example, a sea slug which belongs to the shellfish family is called Umiushi/Amefurashi in Japanese depending on the place it lives.
At some places in Oita, it is called Usagi (a rabbit).
Why don’t you investigate other names of fish other than the scientific names near where you live. It could be interesting.

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