Decorate a gift box with bow knot ribbon.

A gift decorated with a ribbon looks gorgeous.
It gets us excited!
Our paper craft bow knot is easy-to-create and useful.
Use sticker type print paper for easier decoration.
Choose your favorite color or print. It will be very special one!
Dress up your gift with unique bow knot ribbon to express your feeling.

*This template paper is sold one by one. How to use it is sold 1 piece.

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・bow-03-col 128kb / .pdf
・bow-mix-bw (01~03) 128kb / .pdf
・bow-mix-col (01~03) 128kb / .pdf
・green, light green and yellow 122kb / .pdf
・orange, red and pink 122kb / .pdf
・light pink, purple and dark purple 122kb / .pdf
・dark blue, blue and light blue 122kb / .pdf
・black and white 122kb / .pdf
・how to use a bow knot ribbon 213kb / .pdf
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