Let’s play a ball game with an origami rugby ball!

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Here is an indoor ball game. You play it by flicking the handmade rugby ball at the handmade goal.
In real life, kicking the ball through the goalposts is one of the ways to score in rugby.
The goal post is shaped like an H. The horizontal bar is called the crossbar.
Goals are scored when the ball goes through the posts and over the crossbar. Kicking a ball on the ground is called a place kick.
In the past, sand or soil was used to keep the ball in place, but now a kicking tee is used to keep the ball stable.
You can add more variety to the game by adjusting the space between goal posts, the distance or angle to the goal, and the angles of setting the ball.

The video of how to make it is here. (Pinterest)
The video of how to make it(No.1~No.5) is here. (Instagram)

The video of how to play it(No.6, No.7) is here. (Instagram)

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